One hot day, July 29, 1960,

We were walking down the street.

Jimmie Rochelle, Mary Bryant and I,

We had a preacher to meet.

We met a boy by the name of Charlie Clark.

We said, “Come go with us,

Jimmie and Mary want to get married

You’ll be the best man we trust.”

They were married by Reverend Banks,

My how time goes by fast.

That was fifty-three years ago

And some said it wouldn’t last.

But last it did through all those years.

Yes, they had their highs and lows.

After three children, grands and great-grands,

They look forward to many more.


From your Bridesmaid and Aunt,

Pearlie M. Perry

The Rochelles will celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary on Monday, July 29, 2013.

They have two daughters, Ms. Sharon Rochelle, of Apalachicola, and Mrs. Monique Rochelle Resendez, of Moreno Valley, Calif.; one son, the late Jimmie Lee Rochelle, Jr.; three granddaughters, Aja Vandenandel, of Oregon, Ali Vandenandel, of Oregon, and Kristina Rochelle, of Moreno Valley, Calif.; three grandsons, Anthony, Alexzon and Jonathan Resendez, of Moreno Valley, Calif.; and three great-grandchildren, Donate, Kyera and Roland, all of Oregon.