Regarding last week’s op-ed piece by Ron Sachs… and just who is he and does he live in Franklin County?

I think someone is making a mountain out of a molehill here. Certainly, Cheryl was not trying to offend any religious group or community.

This was a very bad choice of words! Yes, and trying to deny the term 'jewing' was a very bad mistake. However, this is a term used for years, and thankfully not by too many for the past 50 years or so by anyone who meant it as a 'slur' against the Jewish people.

It designates 'bargaining' and getting the best price for your money. Once upon a time, it was a nasty remark and Hitler used it as a hate term against the Jews to spread his propaganda. This is NOT the point that Cheryl was making.

I hope our community will understand this and accept her apology. 

Aileen Benson