At Tuesday morning’s meeting, county commissioners heard bids for the construction of three county projects.

Although there were two attendees at a preconstruction conference on plumbing repairs at the county jail, only King Plumbing, based in Franklin County, offered a bid. The base bid was $61,536 with an alternative bid of $98,000.

County Planner Alan Pierce said he expected the cost of the project to be under $50,000.

The bid was given to Tommy Summerfield of the sheriff’s office, Pierce and Assistant County Planner MarK Curenton for evaluation.

Two companies bid on lighting for the ball fields at Vrooman Park in Eastpoint. Anytime Electric of Crawfordville asked for $274,000 to do the work. Alternative Electric of Eastpoint offered a quote of just over $298,000.

Pierce said both bids were more than the $250,000 available from the state to install energy efficient lighting. The bids were turned over to county staff for evaluation.

Pierce said one reason the county received so few bids on the project was a stipulation that the lighting equipment be manufactured in the US.

He said one vendor questioned whether the LED lighting specified for the proposal was sufficiently powerful to use on sports fields. Pierce said his research shows lighting is available that meets all specifications is available.

The last bids to be opened were for construction of the Carrabelle Beach Multi-Use Path.

Gulf Coast Utility Contractors of Southport bid $318,543; CW Roberts of Hosford asked for $390,148 and Marshall Brothers of Lynn Haven bid $638,155 on the job, the latter drawing a gasp from Commissioner Noah Lockley.

The low bidder was North Florida Construction of Clarksville at $307,270. The bids were turned over to county staff for evaluation.

The commission did not open bids for engineering construction of the multi-use path because only one bid was received. At the direction of the Department of Transportation, the single bid will be secured in a safe until at least two more bids can be obtained.