Solid Waste Director Fonda Davis will continue to work four days a week during normal conditions.

At Tuesday’s county meeting, Commissioner Pinki Jackel questioned whether the commission was aware that Davis normally worked 10 hours a day Monday through Thursday.

She said the question stemmed from her attempts to reach Davis last Friday. “Several phone calls went to voicemail immediately,” Jackel said.

 “The landfill operates five days a week,” she told Davis. “When we hired you, we hired you to be superintendent five days a week. In my opinion, the supervisor is responsible 24/7. Your phone needs to be on. If it’s something that can wait, I will wait ‘till normal business hours. Supervisors are not limited to working 40 hours. In some circumstances, storms, they work many, many hours.”

Davis said he has worked the four–day schedule since being hired by solid waste and recycling.

“Some employees are on eight-hour shifts and others are on 10. Albert Floyd will be in charge if I’m not there. It’s covered all the time,” said Davis.

 “I don’t understand where this is going,” Commissioner Smokey Parrish said. “Do we want him to knock off at eight hours and leave the men unsupervised for two hours? He has Albert (Floyd) in place. When you (Davis) are out, the person at the landfill needs to direct the call to the supervisor that is on duty at the time.”

Commissioner Noah Lockley suggested Davis keep the same schedule but provide the landfill office with an emergency contact phone number. Davis offered to provide the commissioners with his personal cell phone number.              

 “We’re saying then to all our supervisors if they work 40 hours, even in three days, it’s OK for their assistant to take over. They can work three days every week if they want,” Jackel said,

 “They could do it in two days,” Parrish said. “There’s 24 hours in a day. I don’t think that’s happening. I think we’re just trying to micromanage.”

Jackel moved that supervisors be allowed to work any schedule they chose. The motion died for lack of a second.

Commissioner William Massey said, as supervisor of roads in Carrabelle, he kept his phone on at all times except when he was on vacation.

Parrish moved the commission instruct Davis to keep the same work schedule but leave his work phone on at all times. The motion passed with Jackel opposed.