Quack, quack. Despite all the rain I hope you had a happy and safe Independence Day. Mine was bittersweet.

Thursday morning, I walked over to Chillas Hall and got a copy of the Times. On the door of the hall there was a note that Joe Manzanares had passed away. Joe was a good friend and a snowbird for many years. Joe was fun to be around and he enjoyed the coffee hour at Chillas Hall and was an active member of the Lanark Village Golf Club and the Lanark Village Association. He and his wife Joyce were always there to pitch in and help. Cards may be sent to Joyce Manzanares and family, P.O. Box 316, Mercer, Wisconsin 54547. Joe will be greatly missed. Pray for him and peace and strength for the family.

Rode over to Lanark Village Boat Club with Dot Bless for the covered dish lunch. The place was wall to wall with friends, neighbors and visitors. Lots of good food and desserts, and not much left over. Thanks to Carol Dadona and helpers, and to those who braved the weather to enjoy the afternoon with us.

In the evening, I was watching the news on Channel 6. They had the cameras over at the July 4 celebration in Sopchoppy. The celebration was in the memory of Bill Stephens and rightfully so. Bill was the founder of the celebration. Bill and his family and I have been friends for many years, and he and I shared the duty of calling bingo in the area.

Donít forget the moving sale on Friday, July 12. All the items from our rectory and guest house will be for sale. The rectory is located at the corner of Spring and Newman streets, and the guest house is on the corner of Carl King and Elm streets here in the village. Sales are from 8 a.m. to noon.

Hope to see you at lunch this afternoon at the Franklin County Senior Citizens Center. Chow line forms at noon. Be watching for you.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21. Good start Saturday morning with your sugar fix at the Lanark Village Boat Club. Choose either pancakes or French toast served with bacon, eggs, juice and coffee. All that and stull only $5 donation is required. Yum, yum.

Later on Saturday evening, July 20, you can come on down to the Camp Gordon Johnston American Legion Post 82 and enjoy all the fun things to do at the July birthday bash. The fun starts at 6 p.m.

On Sunday, July 21, we will have our monthly covered dish luncheon at Chillas Hall. Chow line forms at 1 p.m. Pack your favorite dish to share, a donation and enjoy the afternoon with your friends and neighbors, see ya there!

Oh yes, we still have hamburgers and chips on Friday nights at Camp Gordon Johnston American Legion Post 82, and pizza on Sunday nights, 5 to 7 p.m. both nights. Your donation of $6 will get you a huge hamburger with chips. Pizza is a donation of $8 that gets you a large pizza to eat in. A $10 donation will get you a whole pizza to take out. Pizza by the slice is $1 each. How about that?

Be kind to one another check in on the sick and the housebound and remember, contrary to popular opinion God's last name is not damn.

Until next time, God bless America, our troops, and the poor, homeless and hungry.