Editorís note: The following letter was sent to members of the Franklin County Commission.

Good Morning.

I am writing to ask that you please allow golf-cart travel on North Bayshore Drive and the paved trail on the east side of North Bayshore Drive. The trail is a half-mile long by eight feet in width. A golf cart is 3 1/2 feet wide which would leave 4 1/2 feet for passage. We have used the trail most every day since it was paved, and have never seen a hazard. There are 15 drives across the trail and nine mailboxes. The trail is used by the mail carrier, as well as the newspaper carrier.

North Bayshore Drive and Twin Lakes Road are each 20 feet wide and Old Ferry Dock Road is 18 feet wide. The three roads each have the same speed limit of 35 miles per hour. Twin Lakes Road and Old Ferry Dock Road each have a blind curve. North Bayshore Road has no blind areas. We believe the three roads should be permitted for golf-cart use.

My wife and I use the golf-cart for transportation to the post office, bank, restaurants, friendsí homes, accountant, lawyer, chiropractor and other businesses in Eastpoint. My wife, Harrette, is now 90 years of age, and gave up her driverís license voluntarily. She has been declared physically handicapped, thus making the golf-cart her only means of transportation. Also, a golf-cart was recommended for me rather than an electric wheelchair after I suffered a stroke several years ago.

For my wife and I, the golf cart is not just for recreational use, but for needed transportation, and is one of the ways we go green. Our golf-cart use would be restricted to our homestead if neither North Bayshore Drive or the trail were permitted.

Thank you for your consideration.

Willis A Kennedy