Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission earlier this month arrested a man for fishing despite having had his fishing privileges revoked.

Officers Matt Gore and Jason Lipford spotted a vehicle in the area of 8-Mile. The vehicle was identified as one operated by an individual who received a judgment permanently revoking his recreational and commercial fishing privileges.

The two officers tracked two subjects from the vehicle to the shoreline of Apalachicola Bay, and from a position of concealment, watched as the two subjects used cast nets to catch mullet. The officers then identified themselves, and directed the subjects to return to the shore for a license and fish inspection.

The subject with the revoked fishing privileges began to discard the fish from his bag and returned to shore with no fish. The subject was arrested for fishing while his license was revoked and for failure to permit inspection.

Officers continue to work complaints of illegal shellfish harvesting. Officer John Allen was on water patrol in Apalachicola Bay when he set up surveillance on a commercial vessel engaged in harvesting oysters.

When the individuals started to leave the area, Allen conducted a vessel stop and found the individuals in possession of three bags of oysters. The individual harvesting the oysters was cited for taking oysters between sunset and sunrise. Allen returned the product back to the bay. The vessel operator was issued six boating safety warnings.