Students of the Franklin County eighth grade wrote the following reflections after listening to Mr. Chuck Itzkovitz speak about the Holocaust on May 28. Teacher Lydia Countryman said students and staff were deeply grateful and honored to hear Mr. Itzkovitz bear witness to history, and the grace he showed while sharing his perspective will play a part in ensuring that such horrific tragedies will not reoccur. Our students do not often hear from cultures different from their own, and this experience will be indelible. Thank you, Mr. Itzkovitz.


* * *

Mr. Itzkovitz is a positive person. He spoke about the Holocaust and said it was a blessing to survive the Holocaust. He said it affected the Jewish community deeply and sincerely. -Ronald


I thought the way Mr. Itzkovitz explained the Holocaust was interesting. HE ANSWERED ONE OF MY QUESTIONS! He was very informative about his experience even though he wasn’t a victim of the Holocaust. I feel sad that he experienced prejudice for being Jewish when he was growing up. -Dylan


Mr. Itzkovitz knows a lot about the Holocaust. He also knows a lot about the Jewish heritage. He has a nice accent. He added more knowledge about the Holocaust to me. –Levi


Mr. Itzkovitz talked about the Holocaust and what it meant to him. What bothers me the most is that people lived in their homes thinking it would go away but it didn’t. I don’t know how those people lived their lives knowing that they knew people were getting killed. It is sad to me. -Myranda


The Holocaust was just brutal and plain ugly. People died for no good reason. Being Jewish is not a race but a way of life. Being Jewish is not bad. No one should have died for being different -Jonathan


The Holocaust breaks my heart. It makes me feel like this world is chaotic. It’s full of hatred and evil. But it makes me grateful to live in a free country. –Melody


Mr. Itzkovitz is a nice man who if he was in the Holocaust, I would feel bad. The Holocaust was a terrible thing orchestrated by an abused child who failed art school. Do I need to go into more detail? Hitler was a jerk; the kind of jerk that kills 6,000,000 plus people. -Preston


I think Mr. Itzkovitz is very strong, emotionally. It took a lot of bravery, courageousness and guts to go to an eighth grade class and tell about his heritage. To me, I think the Holocaust was horrible. It makes me mad. It makes me sad. If this is the way I think about it, then I wonder how Mr. Itzkovitz feels? -Dylan


Mr. Itzkovitz is very nice and very smart. The Holocaust makes me sick. I hate hearing about it. Many of my people were killed. I hate what the Nazis did. Just hearing about them makes me want to puke. -Abby


Mr. Itzkovitz is a Jewish man who was born in America and did not personally go through the Holocaust but knew people who did and is still affected by it. The Holocaust was a cruel and harsh, mass killing of the Jewish people. It was horrible and very cruel and I feel sympathetic toward the people who had to go through it. We should not hate others. -Ann


The Holocaust was a catastrophic injustice to the Jewish people. Hitler blamed the Jewish people for the loss of the Great War. Mr. Chuck Itzkovitz was kind enough to let us know how horrible the Holocaust was from his perspective. Mr. Chuck told us of good and bad, good as being expected to this day and bad as all the troubles, and sorrows, the Jewish people and others went through. - Quantavius


I didn’t really know that much about the Holocaust before this year but now I know a lot. It makes me feel very sad and mad at the same time. I went to Washington, D.C. and went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Seeing how the Jewish people were treated made me cry. Going through Daniel’s house made me cry. I am glad people don’t have to go through that anymore. -Sabrina


The Holocaust. Ghettos, concentration camps that turned into death camps. Some Jewish people went into hiding in German homes for a while until the Holocaust ended. -Makenzie


When I think about the Holocaust it makes me think about a sad time for Jewish people and how diabolical Hitler and other people were. When Mr. Itzkovitz was talking about the Holocaust I felt sad for him. I also thought that he was a strong man for being able to talk about a sensitive subject. -Marty


Mr. Itzkovitz is a very good speaker. He told us details of what happened in the Holocaust such as dates, people, and locations. To me, the Holocaust was a vile, sick and heartbreaking event. Bryan


Now when I hear the word “Holocaust” it makes me think of all the bad things Jewish people have been through. Like how the Nazis would make the people dig trenches and then shoot them so they would fall in the trench. Also, how people would get shots from the camp’s doctor. Jewish people have been through a lot. -Misty


The Holocaust was cruel. So many people died and so many people suffered from torture, starvation, and diseases. I hate the Holocaust, and prejudices, but we must remember it to prevent it from happening again. - Clay


Mr. Itzkovitz is a really great speaker. He gave us information on the Holocaust and the way life was during that time. Hearing what he had to say made me feel really sad about the way Jewish people were treated. – Lett


I thought the meeting with Mr. Itzkovitz was great. He gave us information that changed my perspective. The Holocaust was a brutal killing of Jewish people. I felt that Hitler was not right for what he did. The Holocaust should be taught in EVERY school so students will know what happened and the knowledge of this will probably prevent this from happening again.  -Tyanna


The Holocaust was genocide. The Nazis were human poachers. The Holocaust upsets me. It also makes me scared. Adolf Hitler was an extremely horrible man. The people who agreed with Hitler were horrible. -Mercedes


It was an honor to have Mr. Itzkovitz tell us about what he knew about the Holocaust. The Holocaust was horrible, just horrible. I am glad Mr. Itzkovitz came to our school to talk to us about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. -Natasia


Mr. Itzkovitz shed light on the topic of the Holocaust by sharing his personal insights on it. The term “Holocaust” is a word that represents a horrific event that can never be forgotten. -Charles


Mr. Itzkovitz is a very intelligent man. I already knew facts about the Holocaust but it’s always nice to know more. It was a very intriguing lecture. It was quite informing. I am glad he came to speak with us. -Reese      


Mr. Itzkovitz is a great speaker. He really caught my attention. He taught me about the horrible events that took place in the Holocaust. The Holocaust was so terrible. What happened can never be forgotten. It was horrid. -Amanda


I feel a bit sorry that Mr. Itzkovitz learned about the Holocaust when he was a boy. I also feel sorry for the people that had to endure it. When I hear about the Holocaust it seems to get more frightening. I also feel bad that so many people died just because they were different. -Antonio


Mr. Itzkovitz is cool. He wasn’t in or around the Holocaust, but he is Jewish and lived during that time. He knew a lot of facts and stories about the Holocaust. The Holocaust was bad and many people were killed. It should not have happened.        -Thomas


The Holocaust was very mean, heartless, very sad, and horrific. A lot of people died. I wonder if there are only a small number of Jewish people living in Poland. -Jill


Mr. Itzkovitz is a really kind man. The Holocaust was cruel to all people, not just Jewish people. Hitler was a very cruel person that should have died sooner. He deserved to die. He was wrong. Whoever or whatever started his hatred must have been really bad. -Ellie


When Mr. Itzkovitz touched on the Holocaust, it made me realize how real the suffering was and how it affected Jewish people everywhere. Not just the people who experienced it, but the people living when it happened. I can see how Mr. Itzkovitz was affected by the Holocaust. Why do people hate others?-Jencyn


The Holocaust makes me feel sad. It makes me kind of imagine what all those innocent people went through. I don’t see how some people could do all those horrible things to those innocent men, women, and children. -Rebecca


I liked what Mr. Itzkovitz said. I hate the Holocaust. Hatred comes to my mind when I hear the word, Holocaust. I don’t like the Holocaust. I think Mr. Itzkovitz is cool and a nice person.           -Athen


I think that Mr. Itzkovitz is a good speaker. He brought new information about the Holocaust. The Holocaust is about hatred but also hope. Through all the struggles, the people still hoped.               Today, people still hope. -Jackson


Hatred. Despair. Depression. Sadness. The Holocaust is a very touchy topic. It was a hard time for many people. My heart aches for those who died and those who lost their families. Hitler was a monster. No one knows why he did this? Why he wanted so much blood on his hands? Hatred is terrible. -Chelsea


What do you think when you hear the word “Holocaust”? I think about all the mothers, fathers, and kids dying and every Jewish person having to live all their lives in a concentration camp. I think about all the pain and sadness the families went through. -Johnathon


The Holocaust, to me, means hatred. A horrible event that started in 1933 by Hitler. It killed millions of Jews and others. Very sad and heart breaking. How could this have happened? What were people thinking? Mr. Itzkovitz told stories that were very interesting and I enjoyed listening to him.     Kayla


When I think of the Holocaust it makes me sad to think that a human could be treated so poorly. It also brings joy and warmth to my heart to know that a lot of people care. I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Itzkovitz. -Sierra


Mr. Chuck Itzkovitz told us all about the Holocaust. He told us how he is Jewish and that he was alive during the time of the Holocaust but he lived in the United States. Mr. Chuck told us about the ghettos and concentration camps. I feel angry and upset about the Holocaust. I couldn’t imagine people killing others for fun. –Tea


The Holocaust was really bad. I think it was really bad and Hitler should not have done what he did. He was really bad to the Jewish people. He was bad to other people. Why did they have to suffer? Are some people still suffering? -Hannah


I thought that is was an honor for Mr. Itzkovitz to come to our school. It was horrible what Hitler did to the Jewish and other people. I am glad Mr. Itzkovitz did not have to go to the concentration camps. I thank Mr. Itzkovitz for coming to my school. - Kristian


The Holocaust was wrong. No one should have had to be put through such terrible treatment. I believe that everyone should have been treated the same way. Also, everyone that knew those things were happening and knew it was wrong should have tried to help. -Amber