The Franklin County Schools’ kindergarten classes had a one-month contest to see which class could collect the most tabs off of cans. The winning class was Mrs. Cook’s class, who brought in 40.2 pounds of tabs. They won an ice cream party! Mrs. Williams’ class brought in 15.4 pounds, Mrs. Bloodworth’s 11.4 pounds, Mrs. Dempsey’s 4.3 pounds and Mrs. Miller’s class 3.2 pounds.

 The 75 pounds of tabs will be delivered to Shriners Hospital over the summer, where they will use them to help children around the world. Shriners Hospitals for Children is a pediatric health care system dedicated to improving the lives of children, often beyond what others thought possible, delivering its mission without charging patients or insurance companies. The hospital relies on the generosity of donors, past and present, to carry out its mission. The kindergarten expressed thanks to all the parents who helped their kids help other kids in need.