I am a patron of both Carrabelle and Wakulla County libraries and was forced to learn how to use a computer. Since I live in Lanark, it made sense to seek instruction at the Carrabelle library.

This is when I became aware of Toniaís exceptional leadership and teaching abilities and the professional qualities of her staff, even the volunteers. She offered to give me individual instruction since I was a complete failure in the group instruction offered by both Carrabelle and Wakulla libraries. It should be noted that I could not get individual instruction at Wakulla. We arranged weekly classes that were convenient for me, not her. I had priority.

Since I had fought against computers all my life, swearing that I would never have one, I was computer illiterate. When I say illiterate, I mean just that. I did not even know how to turn one on. They say you canít teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I am 80 and Tonia tossed me the right bones, for now I can scan, make attachments, send e-mails (this email proves it), put e-mails over to my copier and fax, send pictures, and the many other things one can do with a computer. I led to be led and I think that my ability to use a computer proves Toniaís expertise in leadership and knowledge. Sometimes I have a problem. She is only a phone call away and seems to be able to solve my difficulty.

Since Wakulla funnels much more money into their library than does Franklin, their computers are much more powerful than Franklinís. It became necessary for me to use their computers in order to get a weekly sports magazine from Purdue University (incidentally Wakulla charges a nickel more per page than does Franklin). I had the opportunity to compare the staffs of each. Franklinís is tops thanks to Tonia. And thanks to her teachings, I now have my own computer.

Franklin County is fortunate to have such an outstanding librarian. Thank God for Tonia Chisholm.

David Baker

Lanark Village