I have spent several days reflecting on an article made public to the press that was brought to my attention. The article being an email sent to my local librarian Tonia Chisholm from my local Franklin County Library Director Glenda Ondracek.

In the said email Library Director Glenda Ondracek wrote: "Should someone not be happy about something we do, here is a something you might say to them depending upon the situation. I thought this was priceless. I'm sorry that you are disappointed with our ‘free’ service."

This email sent by our library director offended me on so many levels that I knew I would not be able to solidly sit by as our library staff are instructed to display such rude, unprofessional behavior by Ondracek.

I do refer to Franklin County library as "my/our Library.” To set the point of fact straight with Library Director Glenda Ondracek, Franklin County Library is funded by the taxes, which is money paid out of the public's hard working income. Therefore I believe Ondracek needs reminding that these "free services" are not free, as every paycheck we earn helps to pay for these "Free Services" which she refers in her distasteful email.

May I also be allowed to bring to her attention that the check she cashes to pay her bills and living expenses also comes from me and every community member that uses our library. I am sure I will not be alone when questioning my money being spent to employ someone who has forgotten where her paycheck comes from. Therefore I want her to be aware that we the people not only deserve, but demand the utmost respect from the employees we pay and not be demeaned by bad-mannered employees who have forgotten their duties of customer respect.

I visit often with my library and would be in shock if Tonia Chisholm or any library staff or volunteer were to approach me with such a poor, disrespectful behavior as our library director has instructed Tonia Chisholm to do. On all my visits I have received the help I needed in a respectful and professional manner, never being degraded or turned away with rude statements of "free services.”

One of many examples of my experience at my library happened just recently. My husband who works 55 to 60 hours Monday through Friday came to be in need of a dentist but, could only see one on a Saturday in order to not miss any workdays. It was Tonia whom I called upon to ask for a referral to any dentist in or around our area that may take patients on Saturday.

Tonia Chisholm being community involved directed me to a dentist that practices on Saturday here in Carrabelle giving my husband the much-needed relief without him needing to seek help or spend our money outside of our community. Now, this is the type of person and employee I want and demand for the money my husband’s 55 to 60 hour week taxes pay. I praise her for the extra knowledge on our community affairs and sharing them with me in my time of need although it is not part of the "free services" she is paid to do. Thank you Tonia for being that person who goes the extra step in providing the caring and accommodating atmosphere in my library.

Brief word to Glenda Ondracek, “You may want to follow Tonia Chisholm's behavior and social skills or you may find yourself no longer being the one we are paying for in the future."

Mrs. Chase Gray