A group of Franklin County students would like to clean up your land to raise money to fight pollution.

Brook Pittman, president of “Students Against Plastic Pollution” (SAPP) said her group wants to raise funds by doing monthly or quarterly trash pick-ups for businesses or individuals in return for a donation to support their outreach efforts.

Last year, the group paid to display a billboard in Eastpoint reminding drivers not to litter and to take care of the bay.

This year, SAPP, under the leadership of Pittman and sponsor Heidi Montgomery, has two projects.  They want to erect educational kiosks at boat ramps around the county and they have permission to display an anti pollution mural on the old NAPA building locate at 336 US 98 in Eastpoint. 

Artist Lamar Mitchelle will donate his work and the building’s owner, Rick Donahoe is donating the canvas but the students must raise money to buy paint and materials to construct the kiosks.

If you want to contribute to SAPP or hire the students for a cleanup, please call Montgomery at 653-5679 or visit montgomeryscience.org.  - By LOIS SWOBODA