This session was a very active and productive session for State Senator Bill Montford and his voice was heard, strong and clear, advocating for North Floridas hardworking citizens.

Montfords actions can only affirm that he understands our needs and works tirelessly to find principled, common sense solutions to those needs. This session he demonstrated his knowledge of and support for issues important to all of us, by participating in the following Florida Legislation:

 Improvements to Education: “I truly believe our future is in our children’s hands, and it is this that drives my passion to give them the best opportunities.” His passion for education led the senator to support improvements to Florida’s educational system including providing more college and career-ready opportunities, ensuring low performing students’ needs are met and instituting more local control by reducing unnecessary regulations. He sponsored a very successful deregulation bill that removed unnecessary and duplicative regulation and rules.

 State Employee Pay Raise: Recognizing Florida’s public employees, the legislature mandated that state employees, school teachers and school district employees be given a well-deserved pay raise. “These are honest people putting in a hard day’s work, and they deserve to be rewarded with livable pay. A pay increase is long overdue and it’s high time we acknowledge how hard our state employees work” Montford said in regards the pay raise.

 Preservation of the Apalachicola River Basin and Bay: Montford supported Governor Rick Scott’s funding of $3 million towards Water Quality Improvement projects in the Apalachicola Bay and Apalachicola River Basin. The allocation of $400,000 to the protection, restoration and research of natural oyster reefs and beds came as a result of his leadership during the 2013 Legislative Session and budgetary process.

 Public Work Squads: To ensure the continuation of the public work squads from our prisons a line item of $34 million was added to the budget. This will result in a tremendous savings for the tax payer.

 FRS Retirement System: After numerous threats to change the retirement system, senators stood up for the hard working people of Florida and left the retirement system intact.


North Florida has something unique and special and it must be recognized and protected. Listed below are some of local projects that were funded in the 2013-14 that will benefit Franklin County:

 Technology Transformation Grant to establish/enhance wireless network for Franklin School District - $52,592

 Restoration of the Oyster Planting Program - $350,000

 FDACS Oyster Protection and Restoration Program (Vessel registration fees) - $400,000

 Apalachicola-Wet Weather Storage Pond - $957,000

 Historic Apalachicola Main Street Project - $10,000

 Dixie Theatre Foundation, Inc. - $2,800

 Weems Memorial Arts in Medicine program - $25,000

 Apalachicola School of Art expansion funding - $20,000

 Lake Morality Rd from County Road 67 to State Route 30 (US98/319) Signing/Pavement Markings - $114,000

 Apalachicola Regional Airport Lighting Upgrades/Operational - $193,329

 Apalachicola Regional Airport Rehab Runway - $40,000

 Oak Street from Arizona Street to DOE Lane Rd Reconstruction-2 Lane - $1.1 million

 Bayshore Drive from SR 300 Island Drive to SR 30 (US 98) Resurface Exit Lanes - $1.6 million

 CR 67 Tallahassee Street from Avenue A to Crooked Creek Road sidewalk - $44,285

 Carrabelle-Thompson Airport Construct T-Hangers Aviation Revenue - $250,000