I am deeply distressed by the division being cultivated by a few well-meaning library patrons who suggest that the future of Franklin County’s libraries has been compromised. That is a false assumption.

Franklin County has been blessed with individuals and groups who have contributed tirelessly to fund and expand library facilities and services. The Library Board, chaired by Mrs. Denise Butler, and the Friends of the Franklin County Library, serving as volunteers, are to be commended for their role in providing quality information services to our children, patrons and our tourist community.

Our library director, Glenda Ondracek has demonstrated professionalism and wisdom in her role as director of the library system. Her role as a supervisor may not be appreciated by all who are not familiar with the scope of her responsibilities, which include researching, purchasing, budgeting, cataloging, report writing as well as instructing and personnel management.

It is time to offer our thanks, not our criticism! We need unity to grow and to continue to offer quality educational resources for all the citizens of Franklin County. Please support our libraries!

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Hogan

Supporter of Franklin Co. libraries since 1992