I am a patron of the Carrabelle branch of the library, and have nothing but praise and admiration for the job Ms. Chisholm has and is doing. She is knowledgeable on any aspect of the library including, but not limited to the books and DVDís that are stocked, the computer system, and the temperamental printer. I have never seen her lose her patience or professionalism towards even the most difficult patron (or staff member for that matter). As to her qualifications, before moving to Franklin County 10+ years ago, I ran a boutique publishing company, and let me tell you I would much rather hire a person with on-the-job experience then someone who has a couple of letters after their name. Yes, I have a degree.

Also if memory serves Commissioner Putnal did not request that Tonia be hired as a personal favor, but because she had been doing the job for a year or more already while the previous manager fought a losing battle with ill health.

One of the things I value about Franklin County is its lack of pretension, and the value it places on ability and Tonia is a prime example of this quality.

As to Ms. Butlerís remarks that the commissioners should have brought this issue to her privately, well perhaps she should practice what she preaches, as she sure didnít seem to mind getting her negative opinions out in this article. Ms. Stokowskiís generous offer to mediate this dispute should of course be declined with sincere thanks, as she has already commented publicly on this dispute, plus is a member of a library board which should come under scrutiny for the obvious lack of awareness of what is happening in a 4.5 person workforce for that is supposed to oversee.

I do not know Ms. Ondracek, but I was allowed to review a few of the e-mails in question and I must say that as a former manager myself, I found the tone as well as the content to leave something to be desired. The four out of five paid employees who have given letters of support break down as follows: Ms. Ondracek herself, a full time person who works exclusively with her, a part-time employee who has received complaints as to her abilities and attitude from patrons of the Carrabelle branch and the person who is hoping to get Ms. Chisholmís job!

This article was ridiculous and I for one urge our county commissioners to not only review this current situation, but to also instigate an investigation into the current board of the library as to their procedures and perhaps instigate some training for these individuals in the areas of conflict resolution , and labor law.

Susan Tolle

Lanark Village