“Let the wild rumpus begin!” called Max, and the Wild Things burst into action and some pretty fine dance moves.

The Nest after-school program rocked the house with its version of Where the Wild Things Are on March 28. The play featured beautiful sets, lights, and even fog on the Franklin County Learning Center stage.

Families from all over, including a tourist from New York, enjoyed watching this play and hearing once again the childhood tale of Max (Stephen Smith) making mischief, being sent to bed, and traveling in and out of weeks before coming to the land of the Wild Things (Taylor Busby, Alex Howard, Cole Polous, and Jocelyn Webb).

Audience members loved the music and moved and grooved with the band (Alondra Jimenez, KT Nessly, Morgan Malone, Adia Siler, and Madeline Weisz) as they kept the beat to the Wild Rumpus.

Not only was everyone treated to the show of a lifetime, but they also all got some fabulous monster snacks – monster cupcakes and Rice Krispie treats, grapes that stared at you as you ate their cute little faces, veggies with moustaches, smiley fries, and hot dogs growing noodle hair.

Site director Emily Spindler wants to give a million thanks to the parents who donated the food, and the Polous family for loaning their sound equipment and the dry ice. And also many thanks to the staff who helped with the sets, the drama class, and the kitchen duties. Together - students, parents, and teachers – made a great team.