At their April 4 meeting, Carrabelle’s city commissioners voted unanimously to appoint Ken Anderson as the city’s new code enforcement special master. This is an unpaid, volunteer position.

Anderson, who owns a home in Carrabelle, recently retired after more than 30 years of service as the code enforcement officer in Ben Hill County, Ga. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in code enforcement.

Carrabelle’s code enforcement officer, City Clerk Keisha Smith, said that in the future, when she finds a violation and issues a citation, the recipient must appear before Anderson if the violation is not corrected in a timely fashion. He will determine if there will be a fine.

Smith said it would be unusual for her to bring a violator before Anderson. “If you give them five days to correct the problem, you usually find them fixing it on the fifth day,” she said.

In recent months, the city has had increased reports of code violations, in particular, accumulated garbage.  – By LOIS SWOBODA