The following report is provided by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Arrests in this week’s report were made by officers from the Apalachicola Police Department (APD), Carrabelle Police Department (CPD), Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and Franklin County Sheriff's Office (FCSO). All defendants are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


April 3

James J. Murray, 38, Carrabelle, lewd or lascivious molestation - victim 12 or older (CPD)

Timothy A. Parker, 44, Department of Corrections, threats-extortion (FCSO)


April 4

Shirl D. Whiddon, 47, Carrabelle, disorderly intoxication (CPD)

Eugene Webb, 65, Eastpoint, DUI with property damage (FCSO)

Keldrick T. Wilson, 19, Quincy, burglary of a dwelling and grand retail theft (FCSO)

Bret P. McClary, 32, Crawfordville, violation of probation (FCSO)


April 5

Jeremy L. Matheny, 33, Eastpoint, violation of a domestic violence injunction (FCSO)


April 6

Whitney D. Nixon, 23, Eastpoint, domestic battery and criminal mischief (CPD)

Luke S. Grant, 35, Bell, boating under the influence (FWC)


April 7

Jeremy J. James, 22, Apalachicola, possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis, and possession of paraphernalia (FCSO)

John R. McGuffin, 19, Apalachicola, battery (FCSO)


April 8

Stephanie M. Ross, 26, Panacea, violation of probation (FCSO)

Fed Joseph, 44, Miramar, 39 counts of criminal use of personal identification information (FCSO)

Patricia Kennedy, 35, Carrabelle, violation of probation (FCSO)

Jessica Nesmith, 26, Eastpoint, grand retail theft (FCSO)

Fallon C. Paulk, 26, Carrabelle, Bay County warrant for violation of probation (FCSO)


April 9

William J. Switzer, 26, Apalachicola, violation of probation (FCSO)

Rebecca A. Padowitz, 23, Carrabelle, two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, and possession of paraphernalia (FCSO)

Roland M. Schoelles, 47, Apalachicola, driving while license revoked – habitual (FCSO)

Clarence D. Williams, 37, Apalachicola, driving while license revoked – habitual (APD)

Linda L. Keith, 24, Carrabelle, false report to a law enforcement officer (FCSO)


April 10

Joshua J. Schoelles, 24, Apalachicola, violation of probation (APD)

David D. Hartman, 34, Eastpoint, trespass after warning and burglary of an occupied swelling (FCSO)

Alfred O. Wallace, 26, Apalachicola, two counts of petit theft (FCSO)

Talmadge D. Turner, 37, Eastpoint, two counts of flagrant net violation (FWC)


April 11

Steven W. Beebe, 41, Carrabelle, domestic battery (FCSO)

Michael R. Holland, 53, Apalachicola, failure to appear (FCSO)

Jason C. Millender, 35, Carrabelle, domestic battery (FCSO)

Teleda R. Messer, 41, Carrabelle, domestic battery (FCSO)


April 12

Jay L. Thompson, 50, Apalachicola, driving while license revoked – habitual, DUI with property damage and resisting officer without violence (CPD)

Ricky R. Robbins, 48, Apalachicola, driving while license revoked – habitual (FHP)

Christopher J. McGlynn, 36, Tallahassee, violation of probation (FCSO)


April 13

Curtis L. Gordie, 45, Apalachicola, possession of a controlled substance (APD)

Edgar J. Perez, 28, Eastpoint, no valid drivers license (APD)

Joshua M. Britcher, 29, Eastpoint, no valid drivers license (FCSO)


April 14

Katherine M. Lott, 22, Lanark Village, violation of probation (FCSO)

Christopher B. Buzbee, 43, Apalachicola, violation of probation (APD)

Charles M. Carpenter, Jr., 30, Telogia, violation of a domestic violence injunction, and criminal mischief (FCSO)


April 15

Rashed O. Brown, 30, Port St. Joe, driving while license suspended or revoked (FCSO)