Marcia Johnson, Clerk of the Circuit Court, announces that the April 1mandatory date for electronic filing of court documents in civil, family law, dependency, and probate cases was very successful.  More than 27 filings totaling 31 documents were electronically filed on the first day, Monday, April 1, and the documents continue to come in.

Supreme Court Rules Opinion No. SC11-399 implemented mandatory electronic filing procedures for all documents filed in Florida’s courts.  While attorneys are required to electronically file case documents in any civil, family law, or probate case with the Clerk of Court, those parties who represent themselves will still file paper documents. Electronic filing will be mandatory in criminal cases beginning October 2013.

Johnson reported her office staff has been busy adapting to the new electronic filing (E-Filing) process and working diligently to ensure lawyers have an easy transition as well.  She has updated her website to provide a link to E-Filing information.  She said electronic filing will hopefully enable clerks throughout the state to increase timeliness in the processing of cases and provide improved service to the public and the judiciary as the courts move toward a paperless system in the future. 

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