The following poem was written to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day, April 22.


In the beginning, God, created earth without sin;

To be a perfect dwelling place for His children;

With all of life's sustaining needs therein.

Then, God, blessed everything wrought by His hands;

And gave possession of creation as an inheritance for man

To care for the wonders of nature adorning the land.

Early budding fig trees predicting the arrival Spring;

Earth emerging from winter clothed in green.

Rude awakening sound of the rooster crowing at dawn;

The pink afterglow of sunset when day is gone.

Larvae wiggling out of their cocoon into a beautiful butterfly;

The spectacular display of meteors streaking across the sky.

Peacocks flaunting their colorful plumage to attract a mate;

The moon's silver path trailing across the lake.

Newly plowed fields ready for seeds to be sowed;

The delicious smell of steaks grilling on the patio.

Sweet aroma of honeysuckle perfuming the breeze

The cozy warmth of the sun after a bitter, cold freeze.

Sound of the brook babbling along like a soothing lullaby;

Fiddler crabs skittering about the shore at ebb tide.

Thank You, Lord, for your faith and trust

To grant us dominion over the earth.

Keep us mindful we are stewards of creation;

Entrusted to preserve it for future generations.