Where is Cody Diorio?

The 22-year-old Carrabelle man went missing last week near Duck Lake, north of Lanark Village, and the sheriff’s office is looking for him.

Det. Brett Johnson was coy about whether he suspected Diorio had fled because of a pending felony arrest.

“He is under investigation for computer-related crimes,” said Johnson. “He does not have a warrant yet.”

Diorio was reported missing on Tuesday, April 2 at 4 p.m., prompting investigators to “ping” his phone to obtain the gps coordinates that might confirm his location.

“It came back to a long-lat (longitude-latitude) at Duck Lake, just north of Lanark, off of Lake Morality Road,” said Johnson. An emergency request to Verizon was able to determine a more precise location for the telephone.

“We rode out to the coordinates and we didn’t see his truck so we called FWC,” said Johnson.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission helicopter eventually located the green 1996 Dodge Ram truck from the air. “When we got to the truck he was not there but his phone was,” said Johnson. Clothes and tools were in the truck, but “nothing out of the ordinary.”

The Department of Corrections k-9 team searched the area, first with beagles then with bloodhounds, but found no trace of Diorio.

FWC officers fanned out on foot until darkness, and then again Wednesday morning.

Officers interviewed friends and family, and again Johnson would not confirm what law enforcement had learned, hinting only that there were suspicions that one or more of these individuals might know the whereabouts of the 5’11”, 170-pound Diorio, who has green eyes and brown hair.

He also has a criminal record, and is on probation for four May 2011 offenses, two in Franklin County and two in Wakulla.

In Dec. 2011, he was found guilty of misdemeanor – criminal mischief, and grand theft under $5,000, in Wakulla, and sentenced to two years probation. Also that month, he received three-years probation in Franklin County for trafficking in stolen property.

Anyone having information about Diorio is asked to call Johnson at 670-8083.