Fellow citizens, I am concerned about the reasoning of our local elected officials who have chosen either not to employ African-Americans in their offices, or have chosen to employ one to ”save face.” I use this letter to the editor not as an opportunity to rant and rave about racism in our local government, but as an opportunity to address the neglect of our local government’s refusal to recognize the need.

The age-old excuse of “We have not had any African-Americans to apply” is just what it is – an excuse. Hopefully, this article will not only open the eyes of the citizens of our beautiful county, but also that the elected officials will know this has been noticed, and to give you the opportunity to make the appropriate changes. One of Dr. martin Luther King’s most adamant quotes was “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” I have chosen not to remain silent.

Alisa-Hand Hendels

Concerned citizen