On Sunday April 7 at 7 p.m., the First Baptist Church of Apalachicola, 46 Ninth Street, will present “Flowers for Fannie,” an award winning film written and directed by Sharon Campbell Whilharm of Springfield, Tenn.

Whilharm is the daughter of Ray and Erline Campbell of Pensacola and the granddaughter of Jeffie Mae Campbell of Apalachicola.

Whilharm’s husband, Fred, produced the film, and daughter Brittany plays Louise, a lead in the production.

The Christian Film Database said the movie is “a humorous film that compels you to look at your life and your future.”

The story line is built around Fannie Fairchild who, “locked up her heart when her beloved George was killed in the Great War. But now she faces her own mortality and realizes that she has no one to maintain her grave with flowers. After a number of failed attempts to hire someone for the job, Fannie finds herself helpless and under the care of Louise, a young woman nothing like Fannie. Will Fannie accept love from this unexpected source or continue the lonely life she’s sustained all these many years?”

This screening of Flowers for Fannie is free and open to the public.