Students against Plastic Pollution (SAPP) has two new projects in the works.

At the March 18 county commission meeting, Brooke Pittman, president of the student conservation group, requested permission to install kiosks at county boat ramps to “educate tourists and the public” about pollution problems.

“Pollution is not good for the industry or the bay or the economy,” Said Pittman.

SAPP has also obtained permission from Parks and Recreation Director Nikki Millender to install recycle bins on each kiosk. Pittman said the bins will be emptied by county workers.

Commissioners voted unanimously to allow the kiosks contingent on review of the educational material by County Attorney Michael Shuler.

SAPP has a new fundraising initiative to help support their efforts to keep the coast clean. The students are recycling old t-shirts as reusable shopping bags.

The bags sell for $5 each and make great gifts.

Organizer Heidi Montgomery said the group also has reusable plastic bags available for $1 each.

If you want to buy a bag, contribute to SAPP or to suggest a project or fundraiser, please call Montgomery at 653-5679 or visit

In addition to helping the environment, membership in SAPP helps a student qualify for academic recognition.  “(SAPP) helps with college admissions and scholarship applications,” said senior Stephan DeVaugn. He said membership in the National Honor Society requires a minimum of 18 hours of community service per semester.