A small dog is missing in Carrabelle.

Toby has a great home and is loved by his owner and friends who visit. He is a therapy dog and visits a nursing home where he goes and sits on laps.

Through no fault of his own, he was lost near the recycling bins at the municipal center on Gray Avenue. He was seen Friday evening frightened and running near US 98 close to Millender's. By Saturday morning he was seen in the parking lot of the Carrabelle Dollar General. His owner has driven, called and put up signs.

Toby is three years old, very cute and loving. He weighs 9 pounds, is all white except for a gray streak down the back over the shoulders. He has a flag tale and one ear that stands up some of the time. He was lost with a black collar and a name plate.  Due to a medical condition, he may try to avoid being picked up because it is painful to him.

Any information will be appreciated. There is a $500 reward for his return. Call (850) 294-9664 if you can help.

The owner, who had a cat that was found after being lost for eight months, believes in miracles.