What defines “good art?” Perhaps one definition is when you stand before an art piece and can’t walk away, dumfounded by how boundless human imagination can be. Such are Beth Appleton’s cut paper assemblages now on exhibit at the Apalachicola Museum of Art.

Each and every one of her exhibit’s 30-some pieces, with their blasts of Technicolor squid, serpents, gyrating palms and even human dance-hall denizens, pulse with an energy that one wonders how the frames stay straight on the walls.

Forget the $1,500 tropical cruise you’ve saved for; rather head over to the museum (it’s free!) and journey through the lush gardens of a true artist’s mind, and an artist of international caliber who happens to be one of our own.  (The exhibit is on display through March 15 with hours Wednesday through Sunday 1-4 p.m.).

Richard Bickel