The Supporters of St Vincent annual meeting was held Sunday afternoon. Feb 17 at the Buffer Preserve. The gathering of about 60 both new and old members enjoyed a lunch of Paul Gants Bar-B-Q.

This was followed by the business meeting which included election of officers and a financial report showing how the donations to the Supporters group are used in the various refuge preservation programs to include the sea turtle nest monitoring and red wolf tracking. Requests and forms were provided to encourage folks to volunteer their time for the various Supporters projects. The Sea Turtle Adoption program will be available again this year for a $25 donation which includes a report on the nest adopted.

The refuge report updated the group on the prior sea turtle nesting season, the hunts, and the just completed refuge conservation plan. Finally, the group was reminded of the upcoming Open House on Friday. March 22, a free day on the island to enjoy nature tours, talks, and various booths from community organizations.

The highlight of the day was a presentation by Erik Lovestrand, the education coordinator at the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (ANERR) about the snakes of Florida. His slide presentation both entertained and educated the group on the various species and their characteristics. He added some interesting stories along the way. He even brought a friend, a snake from the ANERR center in Eastpoint that has charmed hundreds of children.

For additional information or to contact the Supporters group, their address is P O Box 1073, Eastpoint FL 32328. Their website to obtain more information is