I called the City of Apalach a couple of weeks ago to find out how often they pick up leaves and other debris from my side of the tracks, basically the streets north of Avenue E and south of the cemetery on 12th Street.

I was told leaf and brush removal was a once a year gratuity for residences, which did not make sense to me since I know certain areas, (rich areas), get removal every three or four weeks.

After mentioning that to the town worker, I was asked my phone number and told somebody would call me back with an answer to that. They never did.

Which prompts me to ask, what is the letter of the law concerning leaf and brush removal? If this removal is a part of our monthly trash and water bill, shouldn’t debris be picked up weekly?

It seems to me if you have just one pile of brush per town block (on average) and you have one city truck being backed up by two county trucks, that I constantly see in the more affluent areas, they should be able to clean the entire town within a day or two. What is the letter of the law on brush removal?

Robert Tucker