As a person who has defended to others the actions of our county commissioners and other elected officials in the past, as a thankless and difficult public service done with honest concern for Franklin County and its residents, I find myself truly embarrassed by last Tuesday’s commission meeting. Petty arguing, “hurt feelings,” and fear of retribution have no place in conducting the county’s business.

If elected officials fear to vote on any issue because of threats, we have more than one problem. Our sheriff’s office is certainly capable of protecting that official, and investigating and charging the person or persons responsible. Is this being done?

Continuing to “table” a problem rather than face it only encourages the “bullies” who make threatening calls. I personally like Mr. Shuler, but if the board decides to support someone else for the job, so be it. The point is, the board should do the job it was elected to do.


Glen Siler

St. George Island