After much discussion, county commissioners voted unanimously on Feb. 19, to rent Randall Terry an existing commercial hangar at Cleve Randolph Field.

The action was recommended by the airport advisory committee.

On January 2, Terry requested the county use existing Florida Department of Transportation grant money to construct a 60” by 60” hanger to house his business, TP Transport LLC. At the time, he was renting a t-hangar at the airport but said he needed a bigger space.

He offered to pay $500 monthly for the building and requested a 20-year lease.

Commissioners voted not to grant Terry a lease but to move ahead with requesting bids to construct a new commercial hangar.

At the Feb. 5 meeting, five bids on the construction project were opened but all exceeded the available funds, $190,000.

The lowest bid, $196,000, came from Sperry and Associates of Tallahassee.

Commissioners voted unanimously to reject all bids and use the funds to modify the existing commercial hanger, which was built in 2004 and remains unoccupied.

Terry will rent the space for $500 monthly.

In a telephone interview, Ted Mosteller, chair of the airport advisory board, said the interior of the hanger has been framed out, but the office area needs to be finished. He said Terry is using the office space in the new commercial hangar, which is still unoccupied while the changes are made.

Newly appointed airport manager Alan Pierce said, once the modifications are complete, he will discuss using any remaining grant funds with new fixed base operator Crystal Air.

He said the funds must be used by June unless an extension can be negotiated.

According to Dun and Bradstreet, Terry is corporate officer and sole employee of TP Transport Broker Inc. of 101 Apalachcee St., west of Apalachicola. TP Transport was founded in 2011 and had an annual income of $43,000.

According to TP Transport’s corporate website, the company arranges for transport of automobiles and other freight, but does not own trucks.

Mosteller said Terry will store an aircraft in the hangar and locate the corporate office of TP Transport there. “It basically is a telephone-type business,” Mosteller said.

A lease agreement for the hanger is currently under review by County Attorney Michael Shuler. - By LOIS SWOBODA