Seeing the world through colored glass bottles

An interior wall with a bold design of Jägermeister bottles.

An interior wall with a bold design of Jägermeister bottles.

Published: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 12:33 PM.


On Saturday, Dec. 8, artist Leon Wiesener debuted his newest creation in Carrabelle.

Wiesener has constructed a garden house with walls made of bottles and special high-strength mortar. Other ornaments include tines from a hay mow and disembodied hands. The house is pentagonal with a shingled wooden roof.

The artist initially believed 2,000 bottles would be enough but rapidly realized he had underestimated. The walls contain more than 6,000 bottles of various shapes and sizes, as well as large lenses and wooden windows salvaged from a 150-year old house.

“I initially asked people to bring stuff over and drop it at the gate, but I wound up dumpster diving from Lanark to Apalachicola ,” Wiesener said.

After creating a level foundation, Wiesener built the house “by eye.” Different colored bottles are used to create designs in the walls.

Wiesener said he started the house in early February and finished it in November, although he is still “playing with it.” He said he and his wife Frances plan on opening the bottlehouse, and future projects related to it, to the public as a tourist destination within Carrabelle.

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