• Granger sisters celebrate birthdays

    Summer Granger turned 13 on Thursday, Sept. 4, and Tina Granger turned 12 on Friday, Sept. 5. They are the daughters of Tonia Chisholm, of Carrabelle.  Grandparents are Charlie and Lena El... READ MORE

  • Happy Sweet 16!

    Happy 16th birthday today, Landa Ann Maria Reeder.

    I love you bigger than the sky, deeper than the ocean and wider than the world.





  • Wheeler twins turn 1

    Trista Jewell Wheeler and Briar Thorne Wheeler, daughter and son of Tanja and Thorne Wheeler, of Carrabelle, turned 1-year-old on Friday, Aug. 15.

    They celebrated their birthday Saturday, Aug...


  • Carla Dean, Jake Jetton to wed

    Carla Dean and Jake Jetton will be married at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 27 at the borrow pits in Tate’s Hell State Forest. Mr. Jackie Jetton will conduct the service. A reception will follow. C... READ MORE

  • Miranda Riley, Larry Davis engaged

    Jacob and Madalynn Riley, along with the help of their grandparents Royce and Lisa Riley, would like to happily announce the engagement of their mother/daughter Miranda Riley to Larry (Kojack) ...


  • Dale and Selina Winchester to renew vows

    Charlee and Larry Winchester would like to announce that their parents Dale and Selina Winchester are renewing their marriage vows.  

    Pastor Mark Collins will be marrying them on the ...