Buds N Bugs: Jumping spiders



Lois Swoboda
Published: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 02:10 PM.


I got this picture of a jumping spider or Salticid feeding on a dragonfly on the fence surrounding the airport.

Even if you don’t like spiders, you have to admire the hunting skill of this amazing animal. Have you ever tried to catch a dragonfly? I have and it isn’t easy.

This little guy probably nabbed this dragonfly that looks to be about twice his size while it was perched on the fence.

The jumping spiders are the largest spider family with more than 5,000 species. The chief identifying characteristic of jumping spiders is a single pair of eyes that are greatly enlarged and face straight ahead. This pair of eyes gives them excellent vision that they use to track prey. In fact, they are believed to have the best vision of any spider and possibly of any arthropod.

Jumping spiders have color vision and are capable of learning, recognizing and remembering colors, and of adapting their hunting behavior based on what they have learned.

Jumping spiders hunt during the day. They have a hydraulic system that allows them to jump great distances by altering the internal pressure of their body fluid. Most jumping spiders can jump several times the length of their body.

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