• Lion tamers wanted, must like to fish

    An invasion is underway off our shores. Two species of lionfish (Pterois volitans, Pterois miles), native to the Asian and African waters, have been introduced to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atl... READ MORE

  • A woman-sized fish

    Donna Martin from Leslie, Georgia, caught this black drum in Apalachicola Bay on Thursday, July 17 around 7 a.m. The fish was approximately 42 inches long, longer than a yard stick, and weighed ...


  • Lions, and Tigers, and 4-H Camp, oh my!

    4-H fun was had by all! Youth from Gulf, Franklin, and Bay counties attended a joint-county five-day, four-night residential camp, July 7-11, at Camp Timpoochee in Niceville.

    This year’s ...


  • Buds N Bugs: Is it an ant?

    Several hundred times a year, I get a call from somebody who has “something that looks like ants with wings” flying around their home.

    What they are usually describing is a “nuptial swarm” of...


  • C-Quarters marks 10 years of youth tournament

    Despite rainy weather, Carrabelle’s C-Quarters Marina marked the 10th anniversary Saturday of its annual youth fishing tournament in fine fashion. More than 192 kids caught 111 fish, off docks,... READ MORE

  • Franklin’s new deepwater challenge

    Lynda Tiefel of Tallahassee has two passions. She loves to geocache and adores scuba diving. Last month, she combined her two favorite activities when she hid a new geocache entitled “You are g... READ MORE

  • A clean island is a happy island

    Organizer Ada Long said she wished to thank everyone who helped with the July 5 post Independence
    Day cleanup on St. George Island.

    All agreed that most of the island was cleaner than usual...


  • Buds N Bugs: What’s gumming up the works?

    Several people have brought one of these attractive insects to me over the last few weeks. This is the Eyed Click Beetle (Alaus oculatus). Many of us played with smaller species of click be... READ MORE

  • Great white shark Katharine bypasses island

    On Friday, June 20, a 14-foot, 2,300-pound shark passed about 60 miles south of St. George Island headed west. Experts say she may be headed for Texas.

    Katharine, a white shark (Latin name: ...


  • Webworm tents soon to appear

    The fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea, is a moth known principally for its caterpillar, which builds impressive silk tents that sometimes enclose entire branches of hardwood trees.



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