Scary weather sweeps across county

Damage to a carport at the home of Shawn Bunnell off Avenue J in Carrabelle. Photo available for purchase

Damage to a carport at the home of Shawn Bunnell off Avenue J in Carrabelle.

Lois Swoboda
Published: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 12:55 PM.

The National Weather Service said there is no evidence that a tornado touched down in Carrabelle on Sunday.

When strong winds swept across his property downing limbs and trees on Sunday, Shawn Bunnell grabbed his 6-year old daughter and sheltered in a central bathroom. Jeff Fournier, a forecaster for the National Weather Service said Bunnell did the wise thing.

Bunnell said he did not see a twister but believed the pattern of damage in his Avenue J neighborhood indicated a small tornado had touched down.

The forecaster said his office didn’t receive any reports of tornadoes in Franklin County over the weekend and there was no evidence of cyclonic activity on radar. He said the National Weather Service issued a warning of possible strong winds and thunderstorms.

 “What we did receive were reports of trees and limbs downed by strong straight-line gusts all across the warning area,” said Fournier.

While no gusts stronger than 40 mph were recorded, Fournier said small severe disturbances known as microbursts are difficult to record because they are short and often on a very small scale.

Bunnell said falling limbs damaged a child’s plastic playhouse, dented his truck, scratched his car and flipped a carport in his yard.

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