Golf carts round the clock, plus speed bumps

Published: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 10:36 AM.

“This is not about roads, this is not about speeding, this is not about speed bumps, this is not about stop signs,” he said. “This is all about respect for our neighborhoods. I think you’re nuts to pull the speed bumps out.”

Weber shared photos with commissioners of what he said were ticketable offenses. “We don’t put this in just because we like speed bumps. We have a problem in this community,” he said. “Somebody’s going to get killed. I’m putting you on notice right now. It is disrespect in our communities. We have a lot of disrespect from a lot of our other neighborhoods.”

Weber said he has had to clear away dogs hit by cars. “How do you kill a dog in a neighborhood with a 20 mph speed limit,” he said. “These are hit and runs. They don’t stop; we see it happen.

“The ‘don’t-want-as’ don’t want to abide by the rules in our neighborhood,” he said. “They think it’s an old dirt road. It’s up to you all to say ‘we’re taking the bull by the horn.’”

Taylor-Webb said she would look more closely at whether the city could erect removable posts, or chain closed the gate that enters into the parking lot of the FDOACS building. She said Fire Chief George Watkins has objected to the closure, and that both the gate and fence are owned by the state, and that it is not clear whether the city can block entrance to a state agency.

County Commissioner Noah Lockley spoke in favor of creating one through street without stop signs that would enable swifter passage by motorists. “We need a ‘breakthrough street’ on the Hill,” he said.

“We usually we get a request from somebody who sits in the neighborhood,” said Johnson. “If those stop signs are there or those speed bumps are there, somebody has asked for that. We don’t arbitrarily put them there.”

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