Fasbenner family searches for answers

Willie Meggs

Willie Meggs

Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 04:32 PM.

Quiet for the last month as authorities probed the shooting that shattered their lives, the family of Charles Thomas Wayne “Bubba” Fasbenner Jr. is speaking out in hopes of securing justice in an April 3 incident that cost the 20-year-old man his life.

Bubba’s grandparents, Buddy Wayne and Carolyn Butler, his sister, Heather Maxwell, and his cousin Karen Sanders, all met Monday with Assistant State Attorney Jarred Patterson in their search for answers.

“The way it looks, it’s up to the sheriff’s department,” said Buddy Wayne Butler. “They’re waiting on them. They haven’t got nothing yet. They said it’s still ongoing.”

Sheriff Mike Mock has said that while the case is not closed, he has decided not to charge Ronald Joseph Page, 24, in the shooting death of Fasbenner, who entered Page’s yard at 277 Timothy Simmons Road around 9:45 p.m. Page shot and killed Fasbenner with a 22-cal. rifle, and said he did so after Fasbenner continued towards him and he was repeatedly told to leave. Page said he fired a warning shot at his feet as well, before firing the lethal shot.

Patterson said he does not plan to act without consultation with his boss, State Attorney Willie Meggs, who spoke on the matter Friday.

“We have knowledge of the event,” he said. “As far as I know, I can tell you I have not received an autopsy report, not a crime scene report. I don’t even know what caliber bullet it was.”

Meggs said that based on what he knows so far, the matter will be addressed as to whether the homeowner has a justified claim of self-defense. He said this is likely not a matter involving the Stand Your Ground law, since a homeowner can always stand their ground if they are being threatened in their home.

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