EVids coming to the precincts

Supervisor of Elections Ida Elliott shows off the new EViD devices that will help full digitize elec

Supervisor of Elections Ida Elliott shows off the new EViD devices that will help full digitize election records.

David Adlerstein
Published: Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 09:54 AM.

Supervisor of Elections Ida Elliott knows a bargain when she sees one, and the voters are beneficiaries of her eye.

Beginning with this election, county voters will be signing in to vote on a new EVid system, a method of electronic voter identification that will enable poll workers to manage the process more smoothly, in real time without researching interruptions, and have the information back at the office with the touch of a button.

Using $16,000 in capital outlay monies in her budget approved last year by the county commission, Elliott added another $4,000 of her other budget dollars and bought 10 EVid units, for a total cost of $20,000.

The units are new and unused, but not the latest model, and had been turned back by a larger county when they decided to go with a newer version. As a result, Elliott saved about $600 per unit.

Her assistants, Carrie Johnson and Heather Riley, said the new units will have voters simply present their driver’s license, which is the overwhelming card of choice for photo identification. They’ll swipe the cards through the EVid like a debit card at the grocery store, and the poll worker will then be able to look at the same record that is traditionally in the paper books, only instantaneously.

The voter will sign in on an electronic pad, and they’ll be ready to vote. Unless of course they haven’t brought a photo ID of any kind, in which case they’ll have to vote a provisional ballot, which the canvassing board will ultimately have to decide whether or not can be cast.

It will be easier to make address changes at the polls the day of the election, Elliott said, although she did ask that voters try to make those changes ahead of time, either in person or through the mail, or by contacting the elections office at icelliott@votefranklin.com. To reach the office, call 653-9520.

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