There was a tragic sadness that hung over Franklin County this year, amidst the sweetness of prosperity.

A well-liked grocer, who had lived and worked here for two decades, was deported back to his native El Salvador on the grounds that as a young man, he had engaged in instances of torture during the bloody civil war there.

A beloved public servant, who had been in office as tax collector for six, going on seven, terms in office, had to step down after he was arrested on a felony charge of having sex with an underage youth. He later died, and the county was haunted by the painful sorrow of his passing.

Tourism continued to flourish, even as the seafood industry waned. The county's two small airports both began to flap their wings once more, and it was determind that the county wanted to take a second look at further commercial growth on St. George Island.

Financial pressures persisted at Weems Memorial Hospital, and Carrabelle lost the promise of its drone testing facility, even as it made an improtant decision to build a new City Hall.

Apalachicola said no to a new CVS across from tis historic cemetery.

And the Franklin County High School football team has it first winning season ever.

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