Nov. 2 had a festive feel, and the times of change could be felt with the crisp fall air. There was excitement for the Florida Seafood Festival which had given us the next day free. There seemed only one appropriate thing to do in celebration; the kids challenged the staff to a World Series of Kickball!

It was Ms Prince, Rev. Torey, myself, and Ms. Tammy vs. all the Kids. Ms. Rachel the site director and her daughter Trinity accepted the gauntlet that had been laid down. It was on Staff vs. Students!

Having Trinity on the staff’s team was a bit of an unfair advantage, however the staff didn’t mind it at all! The children’s youth and energy were pitted against the expertise of the educators with years of kick balling experience gleaned from watching these kids play every day! To help the children the staff gave them six outs an inning. It turned into an exciting route as the staff proceeded to trounce mercilessly the poor kids. However the kids were full of heart, but it was not enough to come up with the big W. The poor hapless kids were repeatedly taken to the cleaners by the staff, who got plenty of exercise running around the bases! In the first inning the staff finally allowed some mercy by imposing a 10-run rule limit an inning, after the having already scored 20 some runs.

The ill-fated kids came to the plate in the first inning and scored a few runs before being retired. While the game went on in a seemingly unending tireless route, little seen in sports since Boston College beat FSU the other day. There were some hopeful stand outs on the kids’ team. They played with heart and even when they had to chase down a multitude of homerun kicks, they never surrendered. They held their own with unrelenting pride.

Noah “The Ark Builder” and Jayden were both instrumental in a couple of scores, and Jayden’s fielding was outstanding and he never tired of chasing the kick ball no matter how far or how high it flew. One young man Jonathan was an inspirational in not only his prowess on the field but in his leadership and stamina. He fielded a pop up in the outfield masterfully, and even chased down Ms. Rachel for the second out in one of the innings.

While the kids played tirelessly and lost horribly in a score of 40-something to 3, the staff at the nest are merciful and the kids even say Mr. Elser is way too nice, and we want to show grace to the kids and boost their morale by offering a rematch. The staff have even agreed to allow parents, grandparents, guardians, and even elder brothers and sisters to come out and play on the kids’ side in a rematch against the staff. They could really use some help!

The game will be officiated by neutral party, it will be a normal game following traditional kickball rules and will played on Friday, Dec. 8. The staff hope that the students will be able round up some reinforcements for this rematch and perhaps score a few more runs. The winner of the game will be bestowed with all the bragging rights that can be possibly had for such an event. It will be a game filled with fun and excitement and we hope the community will come out to cheer on their favorite team.

The Nest is a 21st Century Community Learning Center administered by the Franklin County School District and open to students from pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade.

For more information about The Nest, contact Eastpoint site at 670-2820 or Carrabelle site director Rachel Benjamin at 697-2177. Project coordinator Melonie Inzetta can be reached at 670-2810 ext. 4131 or

Russell Elser is a teacher at The Nest.