Tax Collector Rick Watson is searching for photographs of past Franklin County tax collectors to use on a memorial plaque. He already has pictures of Robert Knickmeyer (1872-78,) George Patton (1881-88,) and James Harris (1993-2017.)

The following is a list of the pictures he wants to find:

Sheriff John Lucas 1845-47
Benjamin Lucas 1848-51
Clinton Thigpen 1952-59
H.K. Simmons 1860-61
A. W. Hunter 1866-67
H. McD. Moylston 1868-69
Robert G. Baker 1879-80
G. W. Hinsey 1889-1920
J. Sol Hall 1921-30
Harry Sawyer 1933-40
Oscar C. Melvin 1941-60
Gerald S. Watkins, Sr. 1961-71
Betty Sangaree 1972-92

Watson can be reached at 653-9323 or