I am art

What do I mean when I say such a thing?

What does it mean to you?

I am sure you have a clue

So many different forms, possibilities endless

anything but senseless

lines, circles, dots and curves


Hotter than ice

Colder than fire


rough and hard, smooth and soft

calm, yet intense

quiet as a whisper, loud as thunder


it can literally be anything, anyone for that matter

its mud, clay, the sway of the trees when the wind blows through it

its words carefully, hastily put together

rhyming or completely contrast from each other

I am art because my Father made me as such

Movement of hands, dance

No need to put up a fuss, I am necessary for this world

Just as seas and oceans need the moon

I am music, to keep you in tune, rhythm to a beat

Heart pumping as I tap my feet

Unique, divine

Not defined by time

I am art

Sharper than a razor, softer than a feather

Barbed wire, shattered glass, skillfully put back together

I am glue

I keep you intact, eye contact piercing into souls

Bold, confident

Frightened, uncertain

An open wound

Yet able to heal

Concealed, yet free for everyone to see

Boxed in

I can never be

I am your calm before the storm

The sweet aroma you smell in the air

The smile on your face, the wind that brushes through your hair

I am art

Every color, in the seam that makes up the beautiful tapestry

I am me, you and everything in between.