A quick response from law enforcement and first responders helped save a Georgia woman who fell from the sea wall early this morning while fishing with her family off the south side of the St. George Island bridge.

Christy Thompson, spokeswoman fro the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, said the woman who fell into the cold water about 7:45 a.m. was unable to swim and was struggling to hold on until help came.

Deputy Wesley Creamer, first to arrive on the scene, jumped into the water to help the frantic victim. A local man, Bob Shiver held onto the woman's arms until the St. George Island Fire and Rescue could throw a rope to hoist her up the wall to safety. Capt. Thomas Webb was also on scene to assist and get the woman safely on ground.

“A huge shout out to these men for all of their diligence in saving this woman this morning,” said Sheriff A.J. Smith. “The water was cold and barnacles were covering the sea wall, making it hard to grab hold without being harmed further. The water was too deep to touch bottom and with nothing to grab, a very scary situation.”

The sheriff said the incident serves as a reminder to those fishing from the sea wall areas to not go behind the rails to fish closer to the water.