Congratulations to Caty Greene on her retirement from the Apalachicola Margaret Key Library. Your recent article listed many of her accomplishments, but I’d like to point out one more. Caty cultivated an exceptionally warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere in the library, and she recruited staff and volunteers who also reflect these values.

My 5-year old son loves visiting the library and checking out books. He’s been accompanying me there since he was an infant. One can imagine a stereotypical librarian giving suspicious looks that a child might disrupt the quiet, stern admonishments that books are overdue, or being told to “Shh!” at the slightest conversation. In contrast, when we walked through the door of the Apalachicola Margaret Key Library, James was made to feel welcome in every way. A love for the library will serve him well in life, and I thank Caty and her staff for their role in instilling this in him at a very early age.

Caty’s tangible accomplishments such as the bricks and mortar of the new building are to be congratulated. However, the culture she fostered of providing a warm welcome to patrons of all ages is an equally important contribution.

I welcome our new librarian to town and look forward to the opening of the new building. I have a good feeling that the vibe in our new library will continue to be fitting for a town renowned for its friendliness.

Augusta West