At a special county meeting held at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 6, Emergency Management Director Pam Brownell said there is a low probability that Tropical Storm Nate will bring storm force winds to Franklin County this weekend.

She said the county can expect a two to three-foot storm surge at Alligator Point at high tide, and that on Sunday St. George Island may experience a one to two foot surge.

Brownell said Governor Rick Scott has already declared a local state of emergency for most Florida counties including Franklin. “Unless there is a change we’ll just do monitoring,” said Brownell.

On Friday morning, Nate was located in the Yucatan southwest of Cuba, with prevailing winds of 50 mph but is expected to intensify in the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters before making landfall Sunday morning between Louisiana and Alabama.

She said Duke Power doesn’t currently plan to stage equipment here.

Commissioner Cheryl Sanders told County Coordinator Michael Morón and Brownell to make sure Weems Hospital CEO Mike Cooper would keep the hospital open during the event.

Brownell said hospital facilities manager Craig Gibson attended a meeting concerning the storm on Friday morning.