Only one week remains to visit John Spohrer’s photography exhibit hanging at the On the Waterfront Gallery, 117 Market Street in Apalachicola.

The dozen photos on display offer up a sampling of Spohrer’s work over the last seven years and highlight the natural beauty, history and heritage of Franklin County.

"What has been the constant attraction for me through the years, no matter what the science, system or subject, is using the camera to capture an interesting instant of time that is too fast for the eye to record. The successful action shot," Spohrer wrote. "In my view, all of nature photography is an action shot. Whether it's a glory-be-to-God sunrise happening or a fresh water lily unfurling or a yellow warbler flitting leaf to leaf, the interplay of subject, light and background is in constant flux. Anticipation, which comes from knowledge of the subject and the environment, becomes as important to an image as f-stops and shutter speeds.”

Hosting the exhibit is Apalachicola artist and Gallery owner Lynn Wilson Spohrer. In case you wondered. John and Lynn’s husband Bill are kissing cousins. Strange that the two should wind up in this little village but life is strange.

Don’t miss the “Apalachicola Bay” by John Spohrer and enjoy a sampling of work by other area artists.

The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.