White supremacy, along with “American exceptionalism,” it is time to give this idea up. Ask yourself, what is so great about White people, especially American White people?

Who was responsible for the genocide of Native Americans? Who enslaved and exploited millions of Africans? Who has viciously attacked and manipulated dozens of nations around the world, from Russia to Iran to Korea to Vietnam to Guatemala to Cuba to Chile (and many others)? Who has assassinated democratically elected leaders all over the world, from Torrijos in Panama to Lumumba in Congo (and many others).

No, White people have a pretty dismal record and the only bit about Exceptionalism that is outstanding is the number of people killed.

So, removing symbols of slavery is simply a repudiation of exceptional White supremacy and should show a turning away from murder and exploitation as a way of life. Now that would be exceptional!

Ted Tripp