From one fellow Gulf of Mexico seafood county to another, help will soon be on its way.

Once the worst of the flooding in Texas subsides, a convoy of supplies from Franklin County will soon head there, courtesy of a drive led by Sheriff A.J. Smith’s office, along with the county’s largest seafood dealer.

An enclosed trailer from the department will be parked next to 13 Mile Seafood on the river in Apalachicola, and from Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon, will accept items the hurricane-hit communities can use. A sheriff office truck, will be at Ace Hardware on downtown Carrabelle as well.

“We’re going to keep them there through Friday, then after that we’re going to get them to Texas,” said Christy Thompson, sheriff’s office spokesperson, “They need it next week, they’re still in the survival mode.”

Down the street, along the river, Water Street Seafood has put together a drive. Owner Steve Rash plans to run a truck next week to drop off with the Red Cross or a fire station near one of the coastal towns that have long transacted seafood with the Apalachicola dealer.

“We do a lot of business out there,” said Randi Dempsey, a front-office receptionist. “They’re definitely in it to help them out. These are our neighbors and friends and we work good together.”

Dempsey said Water Street is coordinating with the sheriff where best to place their truck. In Carrabelle, collection will be at the HairSpray Salon in Carrabelle.

“We’re collecting water, non-perishable food, diapers, blankets, that’s about it,” said Dempsey.

Thompson said the trailer is also looking for toiletries, baby food, new or like new clothing, canned good and Lysol, as well as donations, by check or money order.

“We will go out and buy further supplies,” she said. “We’ll go by what the officials there are telling us.”

Smith is working with sheriffs in neighboring counties, in hopes they can all travel together to deliver these goods over the weekend.

“We got a call from the Florida Sheriff’s Association, They said this was the first in Florida that anyone knew of,” said Thompson.