f-stop, an abbreviation for a camera lens aperture setting that corresponds to an f-number, which is the ratio of the focal length of a lens to the effective diameter of its aperture.

Darkness came early to the planet on Monday, but for only a brief stretch, as America's fascination with the solar eclipse waxed and waned like the moon.  With Labor Day waiting in the wings, people are starting to think about autumn, imagining crisper evenings. So delight in the fleeting summer. The Times welcomes our many readers to send us their best photographs. So whether they capture the season, or a smile for all seasons, a creative use of color, or merely a really good picture, please share. Photos can be of any subject, but we especially like people.

Please send photographs to David Adlerstein at Dadlerstein@starfl.com. For more information, call 653-8894.