As a resident of Apalachicola I see so many changes that have taken place in our hometown. I was born and raised here and can truly say, “There is no place like home.” I have served on many boards and committees, too many to name, but my labor has always been working with our youth to effectuate change.

I am a team player as well as an effective leader; my work speaks for itself. I became chair of many of the boards that I have sat on. People are looking for leadership and change, not just the same status quo of yesterday. Look around you and tell me, what do you see? Change! Change has come but is it for the good of many or for the good of the some?

As a graduate of Apalachicola High School, I am known by many in town and abroad. As a former youth coordinator I have worked with my former classmates’ children. As a former domestic and sexual violence counselor and advocate, I have seen so many caught up in the destructive cycle of violence and drugs. As your representative, I can help facilitate change that is beneficial to all and not just to some.

I am a community urbanist, with creative ideals and fresh thoughts. We as a community can’t keep doing business as usual, we have to ensure the resources and the availability of these resources is readily available to all. If we do not get out ahead of these changes, and right this ship that sailed long ago, we will be left behind, and the future generation will bear the burden of our lack of attention to change. “Change Is Good,” but change can also sometimes be painful. But I’m in this to win and help steer this ship to ensure a fair representation for all who choose to remain and call Apalachicola home.

As your leader, I see many things that we can do for our town, such as taking care of our senior citizens and providing for them. We do not need a neighboring county taking care of our seniors, these are our people and we need to make sure that we are doing our part. As I said earlier, “The some” are benefitting from the change, but we have more of “The many” who are not.

As your leader, I see our youth just drifting without rhyme or reason. We can do better. We used to have jobs administered through the JTPA program (Job Training and Partnership Act) or the TIGERS program, (Teens In Gear Enjoy, Realize, Succeed). We can get out in front of this issue and with creative ideas bring these programs back, or with ingenuity create our own. No child should be left behind or fall through the cracks in Apalachicola.

Affordable housing is the one of the biggest issues we face in Apalachicola. I have firsthand knowledge of this and will work to ensure we get the resources to our residents.

There are too many issues to name, such as drinking water, infrastructure, growth management, speeding, etc. But as your representative I can guarantee you that I will work, alongside the other commissioners, to bring a resolution to these issues.

This is our home, this is not our bucket list. We choose to remain here and raise our children here, but we also need to make sure we are included in the decisions that make Apalachicola unique. Some look at the buildings and many look to the water, I look to you, the people, because you are what makes Apalachicola great. Together, you and I will make a great team.